Mobile App for iOS and Android for setting up and playing with Robotic Cat Mars. Developed with Flutter.

My Achievements:

  • Managed development from start to finish
  • Evaluated Requirements & Created Development Plan
  • Prepared Development Reports for CEO
  • Reviewed Development Progress to ensure project meets deadlines and requirements
  • Mentored & helped team when they meet difficulties
  • Performed Code Reviews


AI for Robotic Pet MarsCat to enable it behave like a real cat, developed with Python, Numpy, OpenCV, Sphinx, Raspberry Pi, Arduino.

My Achievements:

  • Designed Software Architecture
  • Created Development Plan
  • Prepared Development Reports for CEO
  • Led Development
  • Coded Different Parts
  • Performed Code Reviews

Website developed with WordPress, Elementor, OceanWP and Plugins.

My Achievements:

  • Developed Initial Website
  • Taught team website development with WordPress
  • Managed development and maintenance


Robot Teaching Platform developed with Linux, CNC, Linux, Qt, C++, RTAI, Qml, gRPC, Protobuf, ROS.

My Achievements:

  • Created Software Architecture
  • Prepared reports for CTO and CEO
  • Coded Initial Version
  • Managed Development
  • Performed Code Reviews


AI Automatic First Break Picking Software. Big Data Seismic Processing Platform developed with TensorFlow, Hadoop, HDFS, Oracle DB, Linux, C++, Qt, Bash. —

My Achievements:

  • Prepared Project Reports for CTO
  • Managed & Taught Team
  • Developed Data Importer
  • Developed ORM
  • Investigated and did Performance Optimization
  • Designed and implemented automated Installer (able to do parallel deployment on 600 nodes in 30 minutes)
  • Performed Code Reviews

DeBlobs Online (3D Game)

Online Multiplayer 3D Shooter Game developed with C++ and ActionScript (using in-house developed 3D Game Engine (called Equilibrium Engine)).

My Achievements:

  • Developed Gameplay UI
  • Worked on Character Emotions/Reactions
  • Designed Volumetric System
  • Created Online In-Game Store
  • Implemented Game Menu
  • Coded Development Tools

Linux Kernel Drivers

Native Performant Read/Write Drivers for NTFS, HFS+, ExFAT, FAT File Systems for Desktop (i386, x86-64, amd64), Android and Embedded Systems (ARM, MIPS) developed in C and C++.

My Achievements

  • Managed Team
  • Prepared reports for CTO
  • Designed Software Architecture for new driver features
  • Developed new driver features
  • Performed Code Reviews

Open Source Contributions

I’ve contributed to following Open Source Projects:

  • Linux Kernel
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Vim

I maintain some projects on my github page:

PCB Development

Development of custom PCB with KiCad: Improved Arduino with clock and 1M EEPROM, Breadboard Power Supply and other PCBs.

My Achievements:

  • Designed & developed from start to finish


Install, configure, administer GitLab, Gitea, Jenkins, JIRA, NextCloud Hub, TestLink, Bugzilla.

My Achievements:

  • Installed, configured, maintained GitLab, Gitea, Jenkins, JIRA, NextCloud Hub, TestLink, Bugzilla.


Setup Docker, KVM, Vagrant, VMWare, VirtualBox.

Other Projects

  • Telegram Bot
  • Online Shop (WordPress, WooCommerce)
  • Embedded Linux: uboot, Yocto, buildroot, crosstool-ng
  • Blockchain Programs

Webstore (Online Shop)

Online store developed with WordPress.

My Achievements:

  • Developed from start to finish.